Distinguishing thoughts from ideas is no easy process.

So the past week’s been good, the film was good on Wednesday, the gig was amazing but I miss them already. College is so-so, I’m still ill; but hey what’s new. I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I’ve decided it’s just easier to not care; because when you care everything’s shit, and you get hurt. And then you’re pissed off cos you’re hurt and people get pissed off with you for being pissed off with them. It’s just not worth the hassle. I just want a friend; someone to rely on. Today was..odd though. My friend Hybrie basically ditched her best friend to hang out with me; which was nice, but I was shocked – all I was doing was job hunting and they’re literally joined at the hip usually.

I deleted Tumblr – it’s not doing me any good mentally; and it doesn’t help with college either; I spent most of my frees on there and when I get home, too. So yeah, now I realise quite how much time I spend on there – it’s kinda scary.

I need to stop thinking; but it’s really hard. I can’t eat lately either. I don’t even get hungry anymore. I think I managed half a portion of chips today; if that. Everything’s so… suspended. Like I’m on a tightrope; and if I breathe too hard I’ll fall off.

I need to meet new people; just to hang out with. This is really hard.


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