Not everything is what it seems.

The perfect moment; when you wake up not too early but not too late, sleeping in but not sleeping out; so you feel rested but not groggy – when the thought of a new day ahead feels promising. When the smell of morning coffee makes you feel giddy, in a good way and the sunlight streams through your window as you take your first sip; and the temperature’s perfect; and you think to yourself; this is going to be a good day.

Or you wake up on the wrong side of bed for five days in a row; last night’s dreams still haunt your waking moments and your head feels heavy; no amount of sleep seems to be enough. The sun’s rays sting your sleepy eyes and you squint as you recall what has to be done today. The coffee is too strong, or too milky, and you give up after a few gulps – throw the cup in the sink, spoon clattering, the noise making you wince.


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