Endearments are futile.

I really dislike the use of endearments; they’re so generic. You can call any number of people ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ or ‘hun’ or ‘sweetheart’; they’re not specific to the individual person. I’m not condoning the use of embarrassing pet names consisting of a whole sentence; but it seems so many people nowadays say ‘Aww … called me baby.’ I just find the whole charade ridiculous. This is turning into a rant, but I can’t help it. Relationships, too; seem like such a waste of time, especially when you’re young. I know you get those couples that stay together for a few years, get engaged and last forever; they are the childhood sweethearts in the true form. But most people, they meet someone, start talking cute, go out, and then after a few months or perhaps a year, end up breaking up. The cycle starts again. It seems neverending and completely pointless, in my opinion. What ever happened to old fashioned dating? Where holding hands was unbearably scary; and you’d date someone for months before ‘going out’. It seems nowadays things are over before they’ve barely started, and it makes me sad to see these twelve/thirteen year old’s with countless statuses about how much they love their boyfriend or girlfriend and how they’ll be together forever.

Me; I just want someone to hold hands with and stargaze together. Where we spend a whole day just wandering round bookshops and drinking coffee and writing together. Where picnics and fireworks and making each other food is a common occurrence in our life, and not just a dream; a fantasy. I just want to spend time with someone; to have someone to rely on and talk to.


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