rainy miracles

she always had liked the rain; she found it therapeutic, calming.

no matter how bad she felt inside, how lonely or sad or bitter or numb; the rain helped to clear her head and washed away her fears; her anxiety, her psychoses.

waking up to the soft pitter-patter of rain on the window he gently shakes her awake. he leads her downstairs by her hand, fingers interlocked. he throws a blanket over them both; kisses her once and he smiles at her eyes, sleepy and confused.

quietly, he leads her outside and out the front gate. it clicks shut and she shivers simultaneously. he hugs her close to his body, and she nestles tightly for warmth. he leads her down the road and around the corner; to the park they both know and loved as kids. catching sight of the swing set she smiles as she catches on. they quicken their pace, the dewy grass soft under their bare feet. the raindrops glisten in the early morning light and she is flooded with deja vu. memories of various picnics and days out fill her mind; many summers ago now.

as they near the swings, they unwrap each other from the blankets and lay them on the seats; sheltering them from the rain. he lifts her onto the swing and rests himself on the adjacent seat. she looks at him, her eyes bright, happy. reaching for her hand once more he smiles at her. ‘i know you love the rain. i see you watch it flow down the window when you think i’m not looking. you count the droplets, 1,2,3, 4. i see you flinch when they collide and i want to hold you close, but i pretend not to see. i see more than you realise. this is my favourite time of day; i don’t know if you know that.’ – he smiles again.

‘i love watching you sleep; you look so peaceful and content; free from worries and fears. when the rain awoke me, i didn’t want to disturb you from your dreams but i knew at once what i must do. this. i wanted to take you on a walk in the rain, to show you my favourite time at our favourite place. i wanted you to see; just as i do.’

he looked at her. she smiled at him, speechless.

she saw.

leaning over and cupping his chin with her small hand, she kissed him. it was the kind of kiss he’d dreamt about many times. the kind of moment he’d pictured in his head but didn’t think would ever happen to him. she was the kind of girl he’d always hoped would be his but had until now believed she was far out of his league. it was the kind of moment where everything stops; the world comes to a standstill and nothing matters except the two people in that moment as their worlds collide.


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