Twilight lullabies

Wake up, listen to the rain as it tiptoes down your window.

Follow the tracks it leaves with a fingertip, so slow.

Remember how it felt that night,

carcrashed hearts, wide eyed dreamers

Promised we’d make it all right.


Well we made it, just not in the way anyone would think.

Leave your broken dreams behind, love

Down the drink

Empty bottles can’t save you now

Just gotta hold on and stay


Stay with me, that’s what you said

Or was it the drink talking?

I could never tell


Slurred words told the tale as days became weeks

We were perfect, so strong but your heart was weak

But I don’t blame you, girl who could blame you?

For following your hopeless dreams


Remember how it felt that night,

pizza in your garage, sad songs on repeat

wide eyed dreamers making plans for the summer

writing our future with your broken pen

they all thought we’d make it all right


Listen to the soundtrack, the soundtrack of our days

So many dreams oh I thought we would make it

Cheap words, running over your tongue

Keep up, keep up, your favourite book told the tale of us

The climb was short, but you fell down, down, down

My hand reached for you but too late

I could never catch up with you

Darling you know you’ll be all right


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