do you feel all alone tonight?

Some people hide behind a typewriter and try to find meaning behind every line they type. Some people write letters to people they’ve never met, or to say things they wish they could say. Some people write to forget, craft worlds they wish they could escape to if they only got the chance. 

Someone once told me writers can only write about what they know, but I don’t believe that. I think some people do write about what they know; but others write about what they feel, what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard about, anything that’s touched them – a shy gaze, a painted smile, a distant siren. Some people feel things and they write about them because they know about all of the terrible things that happen in this world, and all the people they affect, and although they can’t take any of it away – but they would if they could – by writing about it, it might make people feel less alone.


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