The labyrinth is an illusion

Sometimes I think about whether straight and fast is really the best way out, or whether it would be best to wander aimlessly round the labyrinth, hoping to stumble across some sort of direction one day. Perhaps eventually we will end up at the centre, but then which way do we go? And what happens if we make it out? What objective is there, then?

People go their whole lives saying they will be someone or do something but what if they never do? What if every day they change their mind, or if every day they tell themelves; ‘Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I will do everything I meant to do today.’ Except there’s never enough time to do what you want to do or you change your mind or make yet another excuse.

Well, I reject the labyrinth. I think it’s an illusion. You say all you want is to make your way out but when you do, you realise you were better off inside, surrounding by the protective walls.  I would much rather be in the labyrinth, lost and confused, than be outside looking in at everyone wandering around inside. 

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