A zipwire from past to future

‘I fall in love with people at the wrong moments,’ she said sadly. 

‘What do you mean?’ he inquired.

‘Well, I want to do so many things. If I’m going to feel something I want it to consume me, entire. I want to go on walks at midnight and fall asleep under the stars with someone. I want to scream their name from the rooftops and go swimming with them and spend a day in bed watching the sunlight trickle through the cracks in the window and trace their spine with my fingertips.

‘And that’s a bad thing?’ he inquired.

‘I see so much hurt and pain in this world and I want to feel it all, take it away from the people I care about. But I can’t, and it kills me. I shouldn’t take it to heart when people I care about are sad, but I do. I have a complex to make people happy, and when they’re not, I suffer. ‘

‘But you can’t control people’s emotions,’ he replied. ‘Only they can. People shouldn’t let their emotions be affected by uncontrollable events. But they do; and most of the time they don’t realise that only they have the power to change things. Or at least not until it’s too late.’

‘I know that,’ she smiled. ‘But that doesn’t stop me from feeling this way. I want to do so many wonderful things, and make something remarkable of my life yet I am held back by all the pain in the world. I don’t know how to not see all of it, or not feel any of it.’

‘Your problem,’ he replied, ‘is you feel things so strongly. You remember everything in your past so vividly and are so fearful of the future that you forget you are living in the present. You have to appreciate things as they are before they’re gone, and you miss it.’



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