a whisper of a promise

I swore it was a miracle the day you stumbled into my life, like Hansel and Gretel in the midst of the forest. I was sure the saying was true, that at the time nothing seems to change but looking back you can see the vast importance of events and want to kick yourself for not hearing the warning bells. Even if there were none.

I got so caught up in the tangle of your hair and the twinkle in your eye that I forgot that everything changes, and with every change comes its end. It takes an hour for a cell in your body to reproduce and you are completely different today to how I remembered you yesterday.

I wanted to assure you that although our bodies change, our hearts and souls stay the same throughout and I swore I’d hold you tight and make everything alright but the next day you were gone without a sound. Just a sigh existed where you used to be.

You told me you didn’t believe in miracles. ‘They don’t exist,’ you laughed, ‘Life is what it is.’

I couldn’t disagree more. There were reasons why things happened. People were destined to meet each other, their hearts predestined to collide by tangled strings of fate. You stumbled into my life for a reason.

I watched you walk away, my head screaming ‘Don’t go, come back, please stay.’ But you didn’t hear me, you couldn’t hear me, you turned around and that was the last I saw of you. That was the last day I believed in miracles.


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