Press your lips to mine and I’ll whisper 100 reasons to keep you here.

Your eyes never seemed so bright as when you looked at me and smiled last night. I swear the moon was grinning in agreement. Your eyes asked ‘What?’ and I shook my head shyly.

When my hands shook on our first date you clasped them in yours, and kissed each knuckle in turn. I watched your lower lip quiver as you asked me inside for coffee and I politely declined.

I never knew the definition of miscommunication until you disappeared for days, your absence making my heart ache. I whispered ‘stay’ over and over into your ears but you said the cold was creeping into your bones and you were worried soon you would be completely swallowed up. I brought you soup and hot chocolate and watched you hibernate for three months straight -holding you close when the nightmares made you scream out in the night.

When April arrived, I visited you with a chocolate egg wrapped in shiny green foil. Your favourite colour – you believed it would bring you good luck and new beginnings. You told me to stay away, that you were afraid your demons would entirely consume mine. I promised I could handle it but you closed the front door in my face. Red – for anger and frustration. When I got home the green foil was crumpled and the egg was cracked.



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