run away to the sea with me, she said

when you’re young time seems to stand still,

it seems so precious – grains of sand falling through an hourglass

looking back it is a dream, a film not seen in years where you can’t quite remember the ending

when you’re young you want to be older, ‘grown up’ and mature

yet when you grow older you realise age is just a number and other things matter more

things like love and friendship and how much you care

how big is your heart anyway?

the world revolves around money yet it means nothing to anyone

the smiling woman across the street, whose purse is empty yet heart is full

everyone wants to hold her hand, everyone envies her life it seems

you can be 33 and act like a child – sleeping all day and drinking all night

and some 16 year olds look after their mothers, and run after their brothers and worry about money and seem so tired

and some 20 year olds hide away and shut the world out, too afraid of what happened, and worrying about what could happen

and they forget what is happening

the here and now

because when you’re older all you want is to forget about the world and go back and change anything, change everything

and be young and free

and run around all day with your friends

and spend a day by the sea – just to be carefree

(and sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do to get through)- and that’s okay but remember the world won’t stay

-and even the tide goes away


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