Writers are always up in the middle of

Writers are always up in the middle of the night searching for the right combination of words to string together like a melody with chords. So forgive me if I disturb your sleep but I honestly hope you understand when I press a handwritten letter into your hand, or sleepily mumble poetry under my breath when I think you’re lost to sleep. 

Writers are always searching for their muse. That one person that when they see them, they can’t resist taking out some paper and scribbling furiously. The person that they just have to think about in order to get inspiration. The person that despite what ever happens between them, they will always be so grateful to, for helping them along the way.

Writers are difficult people to be with, they come and go like British weather but they’ll always come back to you in the end. Once you’ve entered the heart of a writer, you’ll never truly leave. They’ll write about you after you cease to speak and remember you for far longer. They’ll try to find the perfect words to sum up this feeling but they know there are no perfect words. It’s the emotion poured into them and the belief in them that makes it magical. So they’ll write about you. And they won’t stop until they’re satisfied that you believe it. And they’ll keep trying much longer than that.

Some things are far easily expressed on paper than by voice.


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