Because all good things come in 7’s

Things to remember:

1) No matter how far I run I always find myself in the sea.

2) The taste of your lips never quite compares to your sleepy voice at 2 a.m or the sight of you mumbling in your sleep with one arm holding me.

3) There is no better medicine than a walk in the rain, or late at night with no one around, feeling dizzy from cigarette smoke and the blurry streetlights.

4) Fall in love with yourself first. Don’t stop, continue learning and growing and appreciating. Fall in love with everything, with the passer by on the street, with the early morning dew crunching under your feet, the comfort of a hot drink after a long day, the way everything changes but still seems to stay the same. 

5) Then, when you’re ready, let someone in. It’s scary, but it’s worth it. They might just love you for it. When it gets too much, talk to them, don’t shut them out, or you’ll end up repeating history, and travelling in circles never got anyone anywhere.

6) When you feel you’re drowning and your head might explode from the pressure you’re putting on yourself, take a breather. Do something for someone else, make their day, it’ll make you feel better about yourself at the same time.

7) Have faith in everything, but mostly yourself. Remember how the sun rises and sets every day without fail. Anchor yourself to something or someone special. 

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