I tried to call your name last night

I tried to call your name last night,

but I guess you didn’t hear

the words i always wanted to tell you

were whispered in my ear

The love you hope to find is trapped in your fear

tell me why

do you run and hide

only to wonder why no one comes near

You run in circles and yet still can’t see the truth, 

even when it stares you in the face, you turn a blank page

but some things can’t be erased and this stays the same


This is the ultimate truth,

here i’m spelling it out

there’s only one person you can’t live without

you can run and hide until it breaks you apart

but when breaking a mirror there’s no one inside

and though you may seem heartless everyone has a heart

for two halves make a whole

and I know you feel alone at times


listen to your soul

and remind yourself on a lonely night

the only person you need is already inside.

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