Soecusj, adjective: the emerging realisation of how special a moment is long after it has passed

The day we spent running wild in the park and I watched the sun ripen your hair and your sunburnt nose and golden freckles made me laugh as we fell among the daisies but it wasn’t til I got home that I realised the value of that moment

and some things in life you can want until your heart aches but they never come to you

and some things you won’t wish for but will turn up unannounced at your door with a bottle of wine and some flowers

and maybe that’s a tragedy

and maybe the way things work out sometimes is a curse rather than a blessing

but most things in life happen for the greater good, and turn out for the best

and that evening after you left, i went home disheartened,

your smiling face as i waved you goodbye was illuminating my mind,

but words cannot describe the feeling inside when the world explodes in front of your eyes

as I settled down on the bed that I forgot to make again

and noticed the letter on my pillow formed from a dozen newspaper headlines broken apart and stuck together to form something new

and the sound of what seemed like knocking on my window

and your grinning face staring up at me from far below

I swear I never felt the same again inside.


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