It will be hard but everyone told you it would be, and remember that nothing worth having comes easy.

For as hard as you push him away sometimes, he knows you will always come back when you’re ready, and it’s always sooner than he thinks.

When you feel like crashing down, remember the feeling of your legs entwined and with your head on his chest, when his heartbeat mirrored your own; and the exhilaration when you realise that everything is going to be alright.

I thought about you last night, my dear, and when I woke, I remembered you are far away from here

But everything is not as it seems, and I am more than just a handful of broken dreams clutched close to my chest – still afraid that if they fly away there will be nothing left –

But with every breath that I breathe out, I breathe you in twice as hard, and lonely cigarettes cannot replace the empty space in my chest when you’re gone.

Despite the rings of invisible bruises that still circle your wrists – they never seem to fade and you always wonder why – You can grasp somebody to you as close as anything but  you cannot make them stay – no matter how much you want to, or how hard you try.

Although the distance between us stretches out for miles but feels like light years in my head, I remember that look in your eyes on that first night, and the last night, and every night in between -and I can’t help the wind whispering your name to the trees wherever I go.. and everything else is silent because your smile is the one thing that sends me to sleep every night – and what else is there?


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