wake up

hit the snooze on your alarm once or eight times

it doesn’t matter either way

get dressed and make yourself a coffee

study the milk whorls as if they hold the meaning of life

drink it quickly, so it burns your throat and a bitter aftertaste remains

open your window and watch the people below

shrink away from the cold air biting at your skin

remember him tracing your goosebumps and you trying not to shiver from his touch

we are all just skin and bones and messy thoughts and it’s okay to not be okay

treat her like she is a work of art and marvel at her individuality

remember the feel of her lips on your skin

when she has gone do not sit and wonder at her,

have a shower and then wash your sheets

nothing smells better than warm fresh laundry

and too many lovers’ scents have been pressed to your skin that you don’t know how to hold yourself anymore


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