words words words punctuation

I know you feel lonely but if you want I will hold you.

I’ll hold you through the darkness.

While your shoulders shake and your eyes speak every word you kept inside yourself.

The world can be a cruel place to hide but you will feel alright again.

When the trees cry out your name and the skies seem eternally grey, I’ll show you how to feel the sunset in even the loneliest of winters.

I’ll tell you how I kept the words you wrote me wrapped tightly around my heart, firmly tucked away for when I need them again.

Last night I dreamt of a hundred frosty winters spent kissing you, blue lips on blue lips – keeping out the ghosts and the frostbite. Our lips sung a song felt only as your eyes locked onto mine, our bodies a tangled mesh of ‘I’m sorry. Stay. I love you.’ The kind of words only bodies can express best but the exact remedy we need.



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