you will, you will.

I don’t know much but I do know that you built a mansion together and when she left you had nothing but chalky air and the memories that burnt your throat as you tried to swallow them down and walk away with something intact, or just anything at all

and you bit off your tongue because your mouth filling with blood saved your tongue screaming out her name when you couldn’t sleep at night and you still catch yourself seeing her in strangers when you go for walks and try to remember each footstep is bringing you further away from her

and your anger has reached the point where you can’t do anything but scream alone in the shower and hope no one is listening and it’s been over a year but she still means the world to you and you still burst into fits of sobbing when you think about her

and all the countless dates by concerned friends don’t mean anything when all you see is her smile and you meet pretty girls but none of them can compare to the blue of her eyes or the feel of her hair or the way she understood you without you having to utter a word

and you pray for her to change her mind and turn around and you swear you’ll never find love again

but you will, you will

see i don’t know much but i do know that mansions are built every day and although you never have the same love twice, you will love again, you will.


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