This is my favourite time of year because it’s not too cold, but it’s just so fresh outside. This morning I was running through Richmond Park and the leaves were falling all around me, all I could see was green stretching out for what seemed like miles. This is my favourite place to go, and thing to do, running somewhere green, when you can almost taste the dew on the ground, and just feel your chest heaving, your feet hitting the ground, completely alone with nature, it’s so perfect.

I usually hate americanisms but I think ‘fall’ is so much better than ‘autumn’ it makes much more sense.

I eventually came out into a clearing where there was a lake and so many ducks and I think it was somewhere near Sheen but I’m not sure, and I wished I’d taken my phone with me to take a photo but then I think some things exist that a photograph just wouldn’t do justice.


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