Because only poetry tells the truth nowadays.

This is a story of how three’s a crowd and when you can’t count them all on one hand, you run fast, and far.

The first time you meet him he tells you he is on a break. That he’s not that kinda guy. The only reason you meet him is because of this. He knows it.He gets you drunk. You go to a club and after one drink he kisses you. Come on, he says. He pulls you home.The first time you sleep together you were drunk. You barely remember it happening. You thought you both were. The next morning you wake up to knocking, banging. Confused, you look through the peephole. He gets up, his expression turns to panic.

He pushes you down, forcefully onto the bed, runs out the door. Shouting, banging. She wants to come in, she wants to talk to you. Screaming, crying. He pushes her away, pulls her out the door. ‘I’ll take you home,’ he says to her, pleadingly. ‘Sorry’. he mouths at you. This is the end, you think.

He tells you that she got mad, that she was drinking and that was why she was angry, that she wanted him back. He felt bad for her.

She messages you, she says she knows all about you, about how you’ve been waiting to make your move, but she never thought you would as you knew all about her.

You tell her that he said they were on a break but you’re lying, she says. You’re lying.

You don’t know who to believe. This is the end.

Months later, he messages you again. He says they’re back together. He’s not happy but he can’t leave. You don’t understand, he says.

I do, you tell him. I’m happy now, too.

A week later, he messages your new boyfriend telling him all about your ‘affair’. He makes it sound like you were doing the sly for months, and all the while you knew they were together.You tell your boyfriend the truth. He believes you. This is a normal relationship.

He messages you again, this time apologetic. He says his girlfriend was on his account, that she has anger issues. She was drinking, he explains. It won’t happen again.

Fine, you say. You keep your distance. You want them to be happy as much as you want to with your new boyfriend.

As soon as you’re back in town, guess who messages you. I miss you, he says. Let’s meet up. Reluctantly, you agree. Just as friends, you warn. You think it would be okay if you could put this behind you, and if you could be friends. You agree. You meet up. He is flirtatious. You ignore this, and he gets hurt. He is quick to anger. He lashes out, verbally and physically. You keep your distance. You think he has anger issues too. You feel bad. Maybe you were being mean. So you start saying nothing. You even flirt back. This makes him happy. He makes a move on you. When you reject him he turns angry again. This soon becomes a cycle.

Soon you start letting him, because it’s easy. You let him meet you when he wants. You let him stay over when he should be at work. You let him talk you into skipping university or work just to see him. You think you’re seeing each other. He does not.

He is in your bed, asleep, when his girlfriend messages. ‘Hi. I know he probably isn’t, but is he with you? His work phoned because he didn’t come back from break and they’re worried. I don’t care if he is, but I’m worried.’ You stare at your phone. You don’t know what to say. Should you reply? Maybe she’s lying. After all, he did say she has bad mood swings. Maybe she’s drinking again.

He wakes up. He can tell something is off. He asks you what’s up. You say nothing. Then, later, you show him.

He sits up, starts getting dressed.

Shit, I have to go. He kisses you then leaves.

This is also a cycle.

He blames you, after a while. You confront him. You want to meet up as friends but every time he makes a move. You have a fight and he storms off. It’s your fault, he told you. You MAKE me want to kiss you. You feel sick, disgusted. You go home.

He goes quiet for a while. He tells you to leave him alone. You assume they’re back together. You remove him from social media. They’re happy.

Then he’s back. He turns up at your work, your flat – when you’re in and when you’re aren’t. You don’t know how he knows your shifts. He says he’s just guessing. He lies and tells you he’s broken his phone, he has no laptop. He offers to come to the library with you to help you study. You stay firm.

He tells you he wants to leave her but can’t, because they live together and he has nowhere else to go. You tell him you had the same situation with a previous boyfriend. He tells you that you don’t understand. It’s not the same, I’m not as strong as you, I can’t do that. I don’t want to be with her, I sleep on the couch. I love you I promise, he says.

You let him in. He stays over. He has to leave early in the morning. He has a me-day planned, he says. You offer to come along so he’s not alone but he persists. He’s fine, he says. He just needs some space.Later on that day you find out he’s lying. It’s all over social media. Cute brunch and christmas shopping together. You confront him. We’re not together he says, she just misses me so amplifies the time we do spend together. I don’t love her.

You block him once again but he persists. He has various Facebook accounts, snapchat accounts. He begs you to meet him again but you don’t. This time it’s on your terms. You’re in control.

The cycle continues like a yo yo.

This time, when he’s back, you’re ready. You tell him you want to meet him, that you’re busy but you miss him.

He tries to see you after work, before work but you say no. You have plans. He’s angry that you won’t drop them for him. This is on your terms. You tell him you want proof that he is single before you meet him. He gets angry. He doesn’t understand why you won’t trust him. You tell him exactly why. He gets even more angry and blocks you.

The next day, he’s back. On a different account. I’m sorry, he says. I’ll find you proof. I’ll get her to come to your work and tell you. He’s joking but he’s panicking. You know he’s lying.

This happens for a few weeks. Eventually you both realise there is no proof. He blocks you once more. This time it’s over.

This is emotional manipulation. Don’t cave. Trust your instincts.

A few weeks pass and he sends you anonymous abusive messages. You’ve blocked all of his several other Facebook accounts so it is the only way he can contact you.You ignore the messages.You find out how many other accounts there are, how many girls there are. This time you don’t question the lies. You don’t tell yourself ‘Maybe this time will be different’.

This is when it’s over. This is when you realise.

Note: This is the painful truth of first loves and how hard it is to let go. But it’s so worth it when you do.








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