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to burn or be burned.

it is hard to love when you have learnt so well how to be alone.

how do you forget everything for someone new?

how do you breathe when you are next to somebody new?

does your heartbeat mimic theirs?

your breathing heavier when theirs is laboured?

or can you hold your own?

do you wait for them to speak?

or do you fill their mouth with your words

your thoughts

your feelings

you, you, you?

how do you feel when they are with another?

are you jealous? do you care?

do you acknowledge your feelings?

or do you let them sit,

burying them beneath your blood cells,

hoping they’ll slip away down your bloodstream,

like a match into water?


tell me.

do you want for another?

a lover?

do you find comfort in your own silence,

in your solitude

or do you feel desperate to break the quiet?

do you fill the room with empty words

or do they mean something

to you

or to anyone else?

are you careful

or are you nervous?

are you considerate?

or just shy?

do you love?

or is it simply obsession?

just another well written lie?


do you remember waiting 12 hours to kiss him because your hands couldn’t stop shaking?

or do you feign confidence,

blame it on vodka,

caffeine withdrawal,

or just anything but the truth?

do you associate love with heartbreak?

with pain,

or happiness?

long days spent together

or sleepless nights apart?

do you know how it feels to breathe in so deeply,

gasping for air,

and to breathe out a lover’s name,

without knowing why?

do you shield your face from the fire,

or do you embrace the flames with arms wide open?




is touching the sky holy or a whole damn shame?

the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them, let them.

maybe they tremble at night and struggle to fly at the best of times, like the rest of us.

or maybe they lead by example.

maybe the one leading the flock almost touching the sun

is the one that feels the lowest inside

their beak overflowing with dirt, earth, leaves, suffocating

smothering them from their insides


even though they’re touching the sky.

maybe, maybe.

life can be funny sometimes.

the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them. let them.

i saw a kid attack a flock of pigeons today.

he kicked at them, tried to squash one in his fat hands.

the bird was squirming away, screeching, feathers everywhere.

the kid straining against it, his tongue poking through his lips and teeth

like a worm wiggling through an open beak.

the kid’s mother called his name and he left those poor birds alone.

the feathers blew gently in the wind.

i don’t know what happened to the bird.

but the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them, let them.

maybe they’ll come back.

Bottles on a Wall

And so I bottle and bottle and bottle; and line them up like pegs on an abandoned washing line. I keep them there and watch from afar, watch and wait for the inevitable explosion.

Lately I’ve been lacking in motivation but you’ve made up for it in style.

Pen your words to my skin, you conjure worlds while I sleep

Anchor me to your dreams, your hopes, your fears

Let me in to your world, I can heal your pain

Watch it go, wash away, let it go for another day, now don’t be afraid

Broken hearts and false smiles are common here, boy

But cracks can be fixed and souls repaired

Tongue in cheek, we break apart just to come back together

We make promises we have no intention to keep, we make up for lost time

Red wine and cigarettes numbed the pain

Healed the scars on your skin, washed away like rain

So lonely he wonders how he’ll get through another day

Pen your words to my skin, you conjure worlds while I sleep

Let me help you through this storm, be your star in the sky

Here on the beach, count every star with me, remember this moment

The sunset fades but your eyes burn bright, you’re my star in the sky

I’ll remember this moment as the years pass by.

Pen your words to my skin, you conjure worlds while I sleep

We were everything, you were everything to me

No one’s perfect, you said; but I disagreed

Gazing into your eyes, picture perfect, I kept you next to me

But your eyes were pleading, they pleaded, please

I said goodnight, you said goodbye

Pen your words to my skin, you conjure worlds while I sleep

Forever was a promise too hard to keep

Your words will live forever in me



rainy miracles

she always had liked the rain; she found it therapeutic, calming.

no matter how bad she felt inside, how lonely or sad or bitter or numb; the rain helped to clear her head and washed away her fears; her anxiety, her psychoses.

waking up to the soft pitter-patter of rain on the window he gently shakes her awake. he leads her downstairs by her hand, fingers interlocked. he throws a blanket over them both; kisses her once and he smiles at her eyes, sleepy and confused.

quietly, he leads her outside and out the front gate. it clicks shut and she shivers simultaneously. he hugs her close to his body, and she nestles tightly for warmth. he leads her down the road and around the corner; to the park they both know and loved as kids. catching sight of the swing set she smiles as she catches on. they quicken their pace, the dewy grass soft under their bare feet. the raindrops glisten in the early morning light and she is flooded with deja vu. memories of various picnics and days out fill her mind; many summers ago now.

as they near the swings, they unwrap each other from the blankets and lay them on the seats; sheltering them from the rain. he lifts her onto the swing and rests himself on the adjacent seat. she looks at him, her eyes bright, happy. reaching for her hand once more he smiles at her. ‘i know you love the rain. i see you watch it flow down the window when you think i’m not looking. you count the droplets, 1,2,3, 4. i see you flinch when they collide and i want to hold you close, but i pretend not to see. i see more than you realise. this is my favourite time of day; i don’t know if you know that.’ – he smiles again.

‘i love watching you sleep; you look so peaceful and content; free from worries and fears. when the rain awoke me, i didn’t want to disturb you from your dreams but i knew at once what i must do. this. i wanted to take you on a walk in the rain, to show you my favourite time at our favourite place. i wanted you to see; just as i do.’

he looked at her. she smiled at him, speechless.

she saw.

leaning over and cupping his chin with her small hand, she kissed him. it was the kind of kiss he’d dreamt about many times. the kind of moment he’d pictured in his head but didn’t think would ever happen to him. she was the kind of girl he’d always hoped would be his but had until now believed she was far out of his league. it was the kind of moment where everything stops; the world comes to a standstill and nothing matters except the two people in that moment as their worlds collide.

clumsy hearts cause much unrest

hearts are restless;

growing cold

and tongues are silent;

growing old

but hearts can thaw

and tongues succumb;

life stops and starts before it has begun.


take a glance;

take the lot

grasp the feeling

with all you’ve got

know your time here

was surely well spent

as hearts crack and thaw

with unceasing relent

i pray i was more than just an empty whisper

as you walk away and bite the dust

but time will tell as seasons change;

and life is for living; and love remains.

thoughts are not ever wasted;

but unwisely spent;

and clumsy words crumpled in your spare drawer

leak ink on silk and bows;

a forgotten trace of what was; and could have been