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is touching the sky holy or a whole damn shame?

the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them, let them.

maybe they tremble at night and struggle to fly at the best of times, like the rest of us.

or maybe they lead by example.

maybe the one leading the flock almost touching the sun

is the one that feels the lowest inside

their beak overflowing with dirt, earth, leaves, suffocating

smothering them from their insides


even though they’re touching the sky.

maybe, maybe.

life can be funny sometimes.

the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them. let them.

i saw a kid attack a flock of pigeons today.

he kicked at them, tried to squash one in his fat hands.

the bird was squirming away, screeching, feathers everywhere.

the kid straining against it, his tongue poking through his lips and teeth

like a worm wiggling through an open beak.

the kid’s mother called his name and he left those poor birds alone.

the feathers blew gently in the wind.

i don’t know what happened to the bird.

but the birds are flying high this season.

i say, let them, let them.

maybe they’ll come back.


Love is overrated

I’m in love with the smell of old books hidden in the crevices of musty bookshops, the way the rain hits the pavement and the passing cars’ headlights reflect off of it, the colours of leaves falling, falling, fallen. I’m in love with places I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met, people! Just people, the way their smile can hide more than meets the eye, the way their whole face lights up when they smile, I’m in love with intelligence, with words crafted carefully for effect, with knowledge of simpler things, I’m in love with their drive and dreams and hopes and wishes. People fascinate me, I want to know them, capture the essence of them in words, in images, in emotions. I’m in love with the moment you thought you’d only ever read about in the comfort of your bed with a hot chocolate warming your throat, the moment the first few flakes of snow come tumbling down and the anticipation of more, of the first time you made a snow angel, your first New Years’ kiss, – your first kiss. My heart is filled to bursting with all of these moments, feelings, words, occurrences – what more is there to say or have?

getting up requires less effort than falling down

You can sit around and worry and panic about how uncomfortable it is and what might go wrong or may happen; and distract yourself from what needs to be done and what you should be doing and convince yourself there are perfectly logical reasons as to why you’re putting this off; whatever it may be.

But then you can get up and brush it off and wonder why on Earth you didn’t do it before now; and those reasons you gave yourself seem so meaningless; so futile that you swear you’ll never trust your own judgement again.

clumsy hearts cause much unrest

hearts are restless;

growing cold

and tongues are silent;

growing old

but hearts can thaw

and tongues succumb;

life stops and starts before it has begun.


take a glance;

take the lot

grasp the feeling

with all you’ve got

know your time here

was surely well spent

as hearts crack and thaw

with unceasing relent

i pray i was more than just an empty whisper

as you walk away and bite the dust

but time will tell as seasons change;

and life is for living; and love remains.

thoughts are not ever wasted;

but unwisely spent;

and clumsy words crumpled in your spare drawer

leak ink on silk and bows;

a forgotten trace of what was; and could have been

A mistaken entity

I look down at your fingers gliding over my skin, softly, carefully. Your fingertips burn secret trails etched for me to read and keep. My body is healing, a patchwork collection of odds and ends, misshapen dreams and blurred emotion that you seem to stitch up so neatly.

I always wake with a start after a slumber with you; shocking myself into consciousness; uncertain whether I am dreaming or awake. I glance over at your tousled hair, sleepy calmness and lips parted in a slight smile. I sit in silent bliss; the crack of morning light through the window shows promise of the day ahead and I settle with the thought of sharing coffee with you in half asleep moments, calm.

Averted Gazes

The sky is beautiful; but people walk around staring at their feet. You see so much when you take your eyes off of the ground. People are beautiful but they’re so sad, empty, forgotten luggage at a terminal. They are scared of being noticed, of being seen, yet they crave attention and affection. The world is beautiful; but people don’t see the beauty. Their averted gazes take in only pain and suffering; rainbows cannot exist without rain; yet people see the rain and are disheartened; they forget about the rainbow and the sunshine.

Endearments are futile.

I really dislike the use of endearments; they’re so generic. You can call any number of people ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ or ‘hun’ or ‘sweetheart’; they’re not specific to the individual person. I’m not condoning the use of embarrassing pet names consisting of a whole sentence; but it seems so many people nowadays say ‘Aww … called me baby.’ I just find the whole charade ridiculous. This is turning into a rant, but I can’t help it. Relationships, too; seem like such a waste of time, especially when you’re young. I know you get those couples that stay together for a few years, get engaged and last forever; they are the childhood sweethearts in the true form. But most people, they meet someone, start talking cute, go out, and then after a few months or perhaps a year, end up breaking up. The cycle starts again. It seems neverending and completely pointless, in my opinion. What ever happened to old fashioned dating? Where holding hands was unbearably scary; and you’d date someone for months before ‘going out’. It seems nowadays things are over before they’ve barely started, and it makes me sad to see these twelve/thirteen year old’s with countless statuses about how much they love their boyfriend or girlfriend and how they’ll be together forever.

Me; I just want someone to hold hands with and stargaze together. Where we spend a whole day just wandering round bookshops and drinking coffee and writing together. Where picnics and fireworks and making each other food is a common occurrence in our life, and not just a dream; a fantasy. I just want to spend time with someone; to have someone to rely on and talk to.